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Developers who use the
old API and upgrade to
the new API will have the
set-up fee refunded.


Using the API developers can create their own messaging applications with the language of their choice following the guidelines below. To send a message, data is posted over HTTP to SMS Everywhere Servers.

Add text messaging to your application or website.
Account manager allows to keep track of messages.
Set the header e-mail address.
No need to set the carrier.
Pay for access to the gateway, not for each message.

1. License (pricing below).
2. Software that uses our API protocol such as PHP, Java, VBasic, C# or other. You can use the examples.

Try the API by using the demo keys. Usage of demo keys is limited to 5 messages/hour, and no more than 30 messages total.

Purchase a license
Send up to 35,000 messages every month with your own license. Requests for larger volume are considered. Buy a license.


Account Information
Retrieve your keys and check usage anytime.